"@MakingOfs  Jeremy Renner wearing Scarlett Johansson’s stunt double’s mask on the Avengers 2 set."

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My favorite story is that one time Tolkien was with some writer friends and he was like “oh I’ve got a new story to show you guys” and one of them was like “as long as it’s not more fucking elves”

and it was

it was more fucking elves

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Gavin: “In the Lego Movie, the word ‘Lego’ isn’t said once.”
Burnie: “Really? It must be because they live in a world of Lego.”
Gavin: “Yeah, but we live in a world of…”

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a moment of silence for all the crazy sex Dean and Cas would have already had if Supernatural was on HBO


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10x03 sneak peek (x)

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